The Art of Travel

Jul 12 '17

Top 5 Tips on How to Travel Smart Internationally

It’s time to visit Santorini, Greece for a week-long trip. While you’re ecstatic about taking in the sights of blue domes set against a sunset of orange hues, you’re also dreading the packing and t...
A city dubbed the “Big Easy” is a reminder to all locals and tourists alike to spread chill vibes.
Who wouldn’t want to stay in a state of nature-inspired zen den?
It’s true what they say—less really is more. So who are “they” who continues to debunk clutter and catapults minimalism to the forefront?
If you’ve ever traveled to Asia, chances are that you’ve made a pit stop in Hong Kong (albeit some may be layovers, but hey, it counts).
Where do we even start with the beauty that is Santorini? TSOG made the trek to the small island located in the southern Aegean Sea to seek not only the panoramic views, but to also find inspiratio...
Last summer, we traveled to Japan, an island overflowing in creativity, design, and minimalism. They're known for a design philosophy called MA; where there is clutter, the valuable will lose its v...


Feb 01 '16
We spent a week touring Switzerland, from Zurich, Zug, Lucerne, to a ski town called Davos. Of all the beautiful places Switzerland had to offer, Davos stood out the most. We spent about four days ...