It’s true what they say—less really is more. So who are “they” who continues to debunk clutter and catapults minimalism to the forefront? Clearly, people like you and me. You’ve landed on this page because we’re assuming you’re looking for a way out of your noisy world.  Well, we’re here to help you escape with some panache and efficiency.


TSOG Travel Bags Switzerland

For minimalists shopping for a travel bag, it’s important that the bag comprises modern and clean lines, yet does not belittle quality and function. TSOG offers just that. All of our backpacks are designed with simplicity in mind, but they aim to provide style and edge as well. The One, for example, showcases smooth leather texture while tucking away zipper details for an understated look. However, any oversimplification of the bag is counterbalanced with a uniquely designed hooded veil and mesh back, adding modern elements to the sizable backpack.

TSOG One Leather Backpack TSOG Leather Backpack

But the golden nugget is inside the bag. Three removable walls with velcro pieces are included to help you store valuable goods. You can play Legoland with these walls to customize storage of your Sony camera, Beats by Dre, or even your leftover lunch from Kung Pao Chicken (no worries, our polyester lining allows easy cleaning of any spillage). The One also comes with a laptop slot and a deep inside pocket to store any drawing utensil of your choice, including large paintbrushes.

TSOG Bags backpack the one leather bag travel bag

 So there you have it—a minimal backpack that highlights quality and function. As a matter of fact, ALL of TSOG’s backpacks carry special internal features, but each has its own unique exterior design. Go ahead. Click on the SHOP link, and get lost in planning your escape with a TSOG bag.

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