With Texas having such a diverse landscape, it’s no wonder they say Texans vacate in Texas. There’s something for just about everyone. And although you wouldn’t think of East Texas as your first stop, it's a quick 1.5-hour escape away from city life.

Dallas’ hustle continues to rise and as competition grows fierce, young professionals head to a popular retreat home for a little R&R before hitting the grind on Monday.

Fun fact: Texas is second in fortune 500 companies with 54, topping California. 22 of them are in Dallas.

We teamed up with Dallas based art director James Blessinger, stylist Mia Blessinger and model Trisha Lam to give you a look inside the pad.  

Photography and video edit by Carlos Zuniga.

Wood cladded walls, concrete floors, and a neutral color palette make up the Wilde House. The house is minimally decorated with natural wood tones and plenty of greenery, a way of bringing the outdoors in. When the clamoring of the surrounding cities like Dallas and Houston become too much, Texas has a multitude of options for escape. This time, we retreated into the flatlands of South East Texas.


Our endless pursuit of cultural exploration led us here. We’ve done Austin, the Rockies, LA, but we wanted to try something different, something close to home.


The culture of Canton, Texas: farmland. We immersed ourselves in an unfamiliar landscape and emerged with inspiration and understanding. We absorbed the creatively decorated space, architecture, and landscapes.


We’re city folks to the core. But a weekend getaway in the southern country does something to the soul. We’re proud to call Texas home.





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