A new generation of entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians are changing the face of Colombia. By now you've probably heard that catchy tropical beat somewhere and you can credit guys like J Balvin and Maluma for once again putting Medellin, Colombia back on the map.  But this time, for its good vibes. Here's why you should add Medellin, Colombia to your bucket list. 

The People

Paisas (Medellin locals) are passionate about their city. You'll hear locals shouting "Welcome to my city! and "Thanks for coming!" We all have that one relative that is always so warm and welcoming. She offers to whip up something delicious every time you visit. Yea, that's Medellin. 


Medellin has a year-round spring-like climate with surrounding hills. 


Very few people speak English here. Take it all in and have your translator app at the ready. Tip - Start with "Hola". 

The Food

Colombia has a variety of exotic fruits with the Amazon just about two hours away. Head to a local market and sample any of the colorful fruits on display. 

Day of Little Candles

One of the most observed traditional holidays in Colombia celebrated on December 7th. On this night, people place candles and lanterns all throughout the city. Imagine an entire city from streets, porches, sidewalks, windowsills, patios covered with candles. 

Comuna 13

From one of the most dangerous neighborhoods to one of the hottest tourist spots in the city. See how many of the locals live. 





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