Designed in New York City, Inspired by One World Trade Center

40° 43' 50.1960'' N / 73° 56' 6.8712'' W

With so many iconic buildings in New York, we felt inspired by the one that stood tall and commanded the most presence. So, we set our eyes on the One World Trade Center, the heartbeat of the city. We gathered cues like size, sharp design, and minimal with clean lines. Much like the building, we wanted our design to command presence and speak for itself without the need for so much detail. The One backpack represents durability, presence, and New York City. Welcome to the city. 

Commanding Presence

Built as the safest building in the world, the One Tower stands at 1,776 feet, a direct reference to the year the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Clean Lines, Sharp Design 

The One Tower was designed to be sleek, minimal, and timeless. We followed suit with our One backpack. 

Highest Occupancy

The One Tower has the highest occupancy in all of New York City. Our One backpack is our largest to date, allowing you to store your laptop, camera, lenses, notebook, or external drive. The One backpack has a concealed  exterior pocket for quick storage of your phone or passport. The inside features a Velcro compartment system that allows you to create your own pockets.

What We Learned

We once heard New York was the center of the universe and it’s probably true. With over 800 languages spoken in a single city, there are subcultures within subcultures.  If you’re into art, music, religion, money, dance, architecture, fashion, or even surf...the concrete jungle has it all.