We Want to Connect With Cultures and Be Inspired  

Our Philosophy

We believe in exploring and connecting with other cultures. Who we become and what we do is a result of our cultural experiences. It's why we  travel the world to gain perspective and create exceptional travel goods inspired by people and the places we explore.  Ultimately,  travel inspires creativity, change, and the opportunity to learn from one another.

Globally Designed Travel Goods Inspired by the Cultures, People, and Places We Explore 

How We Connect 

We Design Globally Inspired Goods

We travel the world immersing ourselves in new environments and searching for the most unique stories. We look at architecture, fashion, cultures, and people for inspiration. We design products with special features or elements inspired by our cultural experiences.

Global Collaborations

We collaborate with people from around the world to bring you products as unique as the cultures and people who inspired them. From architects in Tokyo to pattern makers in New York, we believe collaboration helps us understand each other better for a better global future. 

I believe broadening our world views helps expand our beliefs and shapes who we are. 


Meet the Founder

Ever seen a Jackson Pollock painting? That’s what my mind looks like. I’m nonstop and always on the go, always wanting to learn more and see more. Some people call this ADHD, I call it natural energy. I’m a first-generation American born to Honduran parents in the culture-rich city of New Orleans.  I've always had a genuine interest in exploring the rich intersections of cultures. As a designer, I've had the opportunity to travel the world and experience some of the most fascinating cultures first hand, like beach living in the Dominican Republic while enjoying the sound of Bachata to sipping on lattes in one of Japan's futuristic cafes. 

 I believe broadening our world views helps expand our beliefs and values. There’s a scientific explanation about what travel does to you. In short, it helps shape who we are.  I created a brand that brings this to light. Now more than ever, I think it’s important to inspire others to connect with unfamiliarity and in the process, learn a little more about themselves.  

Questions/ comments? 

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